Become A Ninja



White belt – 5-7 wins

Yellow belt –  7-13 more wins

Orange belt –  8-14 more wins

Green belt –  9-15 more wins

Blue belt –  10-16 more wins

Red belt –  12-17 more wins

Purple belt –  13-18 more wins

Brown belt – 14-19 more wins

Black belt –  15-20 more wins.

How to win

You must win        1 ice card,1 fire card and 1 water ca rd…


3 different color of a card…Ex: green,red,yellow fire card

Fire beat ice

Ice beat water

Water beat fire

After you get black belts….You will have to defeat sensei…

But the sensei have tricks…..

So you have to keep facing him until he messes up…

When sensei messes up….you can defeat him!!!!

The you can enter the secret ninja hideout…..


You can buy ninja cloth in Ninja catalog….

Have fun to be ninja!!!


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