I am BANNED FOREVER!!! [ Plz read ]

18 01 2009

Well, I got banned forever. I GOT HACKED By some meanie and He banned me forever. So , Now I gunna Call Club Penguin to see if they will Un-Ban it. If not , I’ll have to RE-BUY ALL MY RARE AND OLD ITEMS AND DO EVERYTHING AGAIN LIKE MISSIONS AND BECOMEING A NINJA. Now thus really sucks caus I had Alot of Rare Items. Well, If Im not Un-banned. Goodbye CP.


January 17, 2009 Forever Moderator Over Ban Limit
January 16, 2009 72 Hours System Attempted Game Manipulation
July 11, 2008 72 Hours System Banned Automatically for swearing or inappropriate talk
April 8, 2008 72 Hours System Inappropriate Talk



So someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE E-mail CP askin to Un-ban my Friend Dalekman4132’s Penguin. PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!




So far My new Username is Teh Dalek




One response

18 01 2009

I`ll help!!!

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