Member Party!!! Updated 2wice

17 01 2009

Heres the cheats to the member party and theres a new pin out!


PS. It wasn`t included in my video but you can get free boomboxes.


UPDATE: Dalekman says: Cool vid! You know that you can MOVE the box camera recording? Well hers how. First go to ” Hot Keys “. Then go to ” Pan the Capture area ” thingie. Then Take out the ” Ctrl ” and Leave Shift. Then when you Record yuo can Hold down Shift and Move the mouse so your camera Moves. Happy Recording!


2nd Update: Here is Cadence!







Here Are Member Party SWF’S!

Cadences Background:

Dance Lounge:
Boiler Room:


Unfortuantely I got Hacked Adn banned for 72 Hours Yesterdya So I’ll miss the rest of the Member Party :(. But at LEAST I met Cadence 😀




3 responses

17 01 2009

When i made that vid i didn`t know how to do that. Thanks!!! 😉

17 01 2009

Welcome 😉

17 01 2009

Thanks! 😀

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